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Repair and service Pontiac cars in the eBook

PONTIAC - US cars that have been produced since 1926, and the last car the world saw in 2009. The company itself was one of the divisions of the world famous concern General Motors.

The history of the company dates back to the summer of 1899. Then North and Hamilton founded Pontiac Spring and Wagon Works. And the brand name comes from Pontiac (the name of the Indian chief).

6 years later, Pontiac merged with the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company. And in 1907, the world saw the first car. It was a car with a 2-cylinder engine and a weight of about 500 kilograms.

A year later, a new company Oakland Motor was registered, which immediately merged with Pontiac. Since 1909, half of the shares have been held by General Motors. Subsequently, she also owned the remaining 50%.

The year 1935 was significant for Pontiac. Then the Standard model came off the assembly line. The car was so successful that they even planned to expand production. This is how the Pontiac Delux was born, equipped with an independent suspension.

Since 1953, cars that were produced were equipped with a power steering, and five years later with a motor with a mechanical fuel injection system.

When the energy crisis hits the world, GM decides to build only fuel-efficient vehicles. And as part of this decision, the world saw the Fiero sports coupe.

Pontiac was not considered an independent company, but he still had a large role in the GM concern.

In 2007, there was a decline in production. During the year, the production amounted to about 340 thousand cars. And two years later, the global economic crisis caused GM to announce the discontinuation of Pontiac models. And by 2010 the trademark was liquidated.

However, despite the discontinuation of the production of vehicles, on the roads we can all meet one of the representatives of Pontiac.

That is why the information on the repair and operation of such vehicles remains relevant. After all, their owners are faced with the need for repair and maintenance. And you can find such information in the electronic repair manual. With its help, the car owner will answer the following questions:

  • how to change oils, filters, etc .;
  • how to repair the chassis;
  • what tools are needed to maintain the vehicle, etc.

The information is presented in easy-to-understand language, is based on many years of professional experience and is accompanied by illustrations. The book on the repair and operation of the Pontiac car in PDF format will be useful to both a specialist and a car enthusiast. She will become a faithful assistant in self-repair, which will save time and money, and do not have to visit a service station.