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Peugeot is a French automotive brand with a long history, specializing in the production of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, racing cars, mobile services such as rental cars, bicycles, scooters and kitchen utensils.

The family business, predating the current Peugeot, was founded in 1810 when the family-owned factory in Erimoncourt was converted into a steel mill. The various branches of the family will produce a wide variety of products, but they will all be made from steel (tools, springs, umbrella ribs, corset frames, coffee grinders, watches, bicycles, etc.).

Since 1886, Armand Peugeot became interested in the car. In 1896 he created the Société anonyme des cars Peugeot. At the same time, his nephews Pierre, Robert and Jules in 1897 started producing bicycles under the name "Les fils de Peugeot frères", and in 1906 they produced their first car. To avoid internal competition harmful to production, the two companies of the Peugeot family will be merged in 1910 under the name Société anonyme des cars et Cycle Peugeot.

Peugeot is at the forefront of the PSA group, which also includes Citroën, bought from Michelin in 1976, DS, founded in 2014, and Vauxhall and its German sister Opel (formerly GM Europe).

Peugeot mainly manufactures cars, trucks and two-wheelers. In 2009, the company had sales of almost 1.52 million vehicles worldwide, including 1.12 million vehicles in Europe.

Through its Peugeot Sport division, Peugeot has won, inter alia, five World Rally Championships, two World Sports Car Championships, two Intercontinental Le Mans Cups and seven Dakar Rally Raids.

Peugeot has registered the designation from those numbers for its models in the automotive field. The first of the three digits is associated with the position of the model in the range, the last with its generation, and the zero in the center, which was accepted by the company as a registered trademark, serves as a link. The first number of these nomenclatures indicates the size of the vehicle. Therefore, the values ​​are as follows:

  • 1 - small car (or segment A)
  • 2-compact city car (or segment B)
  • 3 - compact car (or segment C)
  • 4 - high-end compact car (or segment D)
  • 5 - mid-size car of the upper middle class
  • 6 - executive car (or segment E)
  • 7 - compact semi-sports car (or segment F)
  • 8 - minivan
  • 9 - sports car, supercar or sports prototype.

The plethora of models launched since the early 21st century have forced Peugeot to introduce a double zero instead of a single center zero on some of its latest models in order to increase the number of available designations while maintaining the familiar ambience of the range designation.

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