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Information on repair and maintenance of Nissan X-Trail cars electronically

Nissan X-Trail is a type of crossover produced by Nissan (Japan), appeared in 2000.

The basis for the creation was the Nissan FF-S. This model has two power units with volumes of two and two and a half, horsepower - 165 and 140.

The X-Trail design is based on the styling of another Nissan Patrol model. Thanks to its convenience, this model began to gain relevance in a short time in a number of markets, including the CIS markets. The cabin has its own distinctive feature - the dashboard is located in the middle of the torpedo. Also, if you fold the rear row of seats, a flat surface is formed.

Three years later, the car received its first restyling. The changes affected the following components:

  • interior torpedo and bumpers;
  • dashboard;
  • block for engine control;
  • ABS and automatic transmission

Technical components have also gone through restyling, namely:

  • Tweaked an exhaust system catalyst specially for Japan.
  • Exclusive versions of Rider and AXIS are now available.
  • Innovations appeared in the appearance of the radiator grille, bumper.
  • The interior trim has changed.
  • There are new paint options for the body.
  • Variants such as GT have added dynamic stabilization.

In 2007, the next generation was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. In December, the car went on sale in Europe. Nissan C was chosen as the main platform for the model.

Three years later, the first restyling was carried out, changes affected the dashboard, trim and interior colors, body shades, design of wheels, headlights and wheels, a new bumper, 18 ”wheels, an updated radiator grille appeared.

In 2012, the third generation of the Nissan X-Trail appeared, and in 2013 sales began in Europe. The new modular platform CMF became the basis. The design of the car has become more urban and less angular.

In 2017, a third-generation restyling appeared. Changes appeared both in design and technical equipment:

  • the shape of the bumper (front and rear) has changed.
  • wider grille.
  • the headlights have become narrower.
  • the steering wheel has changed to a D-shape.
  • new vehicle colors have appeared.

The second restyling of 2020 brought the following changes:

  • Nissan Connect (multimedia system).
  • the seat trim has changed.
  • remote start of the car appeared.

The model also received the Nissan Intelligent Mobility concept.

Vehicle dimensions are as follows: width - 4640 mm, width - 1820 mm, height - 1710 mm.

As for the maintenance of the car, no matter how reliable it is, periodically it is still necessary to carry out maintenance and repairs. In this case, you can contact a service station, or you can figure it out yourself. In the second case, you cannot do without the relevant information, which you can find in a special manual for repair and operation. This guide contains answers to those questions:

  • how electrical equipment works;
  • how to find the problem yourself and fix it;
  • how to repair brake pads, etc.

All the information that you will find is based on many years of experience of professionals, but at the same time it is presented as simple as possible for understanding. Therefore, the book on repair and operation of Nissan X-Trail in PDF format should be on a smartphone or tablet for every owner of such a car. Situations on the road may arise different and the main thing is to understand what to do in such situations. And the book will definitely help you with this.