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Repair and service Mercedes-Benz cars in the eBook

Mercedes-Benz is a recognized brand among car manufacturers all over the world. The company, in addition to premium passenger cars, is engaged in the production of trucks and large buses.

The trade mark appeared at the beginning of 1926. It brought together two competitors: Benz & amp; Cie and Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft. Namely the names of the best brands - Mercedes and Benz Patent-Motorwagen gave the world the famous automobile brand “Mercedes-Benz”.

The German concern was headed by Ferdinand Porsche, who immediately developed the Mercedes 24.100.140 PS. The car was equipped with a 6-cylinder engine, which allowed it to accelerate to almost 150 km / h. He even earned the nickname "death trap".

Over the next years, the leaders changed, some of them did not manage to justify their hopes and make a significant contribution to the development of the concern. Nevertheless, the car park of the company expanded and improved. Even after the war, he was able to successfully restore his capacity.

By the 60s, the company was able to take a leading position in Germany and enter the world market. The concern became the best among European manufacturers. Cars were sold all over the world, and celebrities and politicians became the owners of the sought-after brand. In addition, the world-famous model “600” Mercedes was launched on sale, with a 12-cylinder engine and 394 hp, capable of speeds up to 250 km / h.

A significant event in 1999 for the company was the acquisition of the AMG tuning company. Most of the cars have been modified.

The Mercedes-Benz concern has been constantly expanding its model range, and by now the number of car classes exceeds 10. Each Mercedes class determines the market segment and car body type. For example, the A-class cars are the hatchback and the sedan, while the B-class is the family car. The vehicles of the C, E and S class are identical and do not have grandiose external differences, but the C-class is more accessible and simple, the S-class is quite elegant, and the E-business class occupies the golden mean. The SUV or crossover represents the G-Class. Vans and minivans belong to the V-class.

In 2019, the company topped the ranking of car manufacturing companies, and its capital is estimated at $ 60.3 billion.

No matter how high-quality a car is, it still requires constant maintenance, and sometimes repair. A real driver must not only be able to drive a car, but also understand such issues:

  • how the car works;
  • how to change oil yourself;
  • how to repair the chassis;
  • how to find and fix the problem.

All such information can be found in the book on repair and operation of Mercedes-Benz in PDF format. By downloading the manual for your particular vehicle, all the answers will always be at hand. In this case, the information is accompanied by illustrations with a detailed description.

This guide will save you time and money. You do not have to visit the service station again if you can do the repair yourself. And even if you have practically no knowledge of your car, the repair book is written in the simplest and most accessible language. We recommend downloading the instructions to your phone, because at any time you can find all the answers to your questions in it.