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Repair and service Lincoln cars in the eBook

Linkoln is an American manufacturer's car that most people associate with luxury and status. This is a truly “presidential” car brand. And it belongs to a large company Ford Motor.

Linloln's history begins in 1917. It was then in Detroit that Henry Leland founded this company. The name comes from the name of the 16th President of the United States. It was for Abraham Lincoln that Leland voted in his first election.

When the First World War ended, Leland planned to start producing prestigious cars. However, the financial crisis made its own adjustments and he had to sell the company. In 1922, Henry Ford became the new owner, and Linkoln became a division of Ford.

The Lilnkoln L-Series is the first car of this brand, which was released in 1920. It was equipped with a V-shaped eight-cylinder engine. The model was very similar to the Cadillac, and its cost was about 5 thousand dollars.

12 years later, production of the Linkoln KB begins, which had a twelve-cylinder engine. And 4 years later, a new Linkoln Zephyr model appeared.

It was the Zephyr that served as the basis for the next car. It was the elongated Lincoln Zephyr Continental. The stamp was produced from 1940 to 1948

Lincoln is famous for the production of "presidential" cars. The first of which was created for Franklin Roosevelt. It was a Lincoln V12 convertible, and production lasted until 1950. Replaced his car by Cosmopolitan. This model was owned by Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson and even Kennedy. For Kennedy, another Continental convertible was released. It was in this car that the president was mortally wounded. The last presidential Lincoln was released in 1989.

Lincoln was one of the first to start the production of SUVs (sports utility vehicle). SUVs originally descended from the off-road vehicle class, however, are intended for cities and paved roads. The Lincoln Navigator became such a model. The model saw the world in 1998. In order to shorten the lead-up time, the company began to use platforms that are being developed at other Ford divisions.

If you are the proud owner of such a car as Lincoln Navigator, then the book on repair and operation will become your faithful friend and assistant in the maintenance of the vehicle.

It contains answers to the following questions:

  • what to do in an emergency;
  • how to carry out a daily check and troubleshoot;
  • how to operate a car in winter;
  • what basic tools and measuring instruments are needed;
  • how electrical equipment and wiring diagrams work, etc.

The information in this manual will help you identify a malfunction and carry out repairs yourself without going to a service station. At the same time, it is presented in maximum detail and accompanied by illustrations.

The PDF book of Lincoln car repair and operation will always be at your fingertips on your mobile device. After all, it is difficult to predict what information about your vehicle and when it will be needed.