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Body repair cars in the eBook

It is unlikely that someone will be able to remove dents and corrosion better than specialists at a service station, but it is quite possible to do small work on their own. Especially if there is a desire and time, and of course resources, then do-it-yourself car body repair is quite within the power of everyone. We will analyze the repair technology for each step and stage.

Initially, you need to wash and inspect the car for defects and determine the amount of work to be done. If the integrity of the body geometry has suffered, after an accident, then you should most likely contact a service station, because you will need special equipment. It will be extremely difficult to pull out the body with your own hands, and it is impossible to qualitatively pull it out.

It is also very important to eliminate the centers of corrosion that have raised the paint on the body. Punching corrosion is especially hard to ignore. The easiest way to tap the body, the sound will make everything clear.

If there are a lot of small dents and damages on the body, then repair is indispensable. Sometimes, if possible, the body is rebuilt mechanically while preserving the existing paint coat. But the process is quite lengthy and painstaking. Small defects can be eliminated by heating and mechanically acting from the reverse side. With the right actions, you will hear a pop, then the metal means returned to its original state. But if, during the work, welding or replacement of parts is required, or more serious repairs, then in this case you cannot do without putty, and even more so painting. This requires a sander with attachments.

Repair and restoration of a car body, as you understand, with a strong desire, can be done in a garage. If you want to save money and have some free time, it is worth trying to run the car on your own. There are a lot of technologies on the Internet, you can get useful information and recommendations in the store when you buy materials for repairs.

A definitely good decision would be to buy a book on body repair in PDF format on our website. The manual was developed on the experience and recommendations of professional service station specialists and personal workshops.

The information is presented in an accessible and simple language, so that it will be understandable even for those who are faced with the repair for the first time. You only need to download the book to your smartphone and it will always be at your fingertips. Among all the information, you will find answers to any questions that interest you.