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Repair and service I-VAN cars in the eBook

The Ukrainian city and intercity bus I-VAN is produced at the Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant and in Chernomorsk. The vehicle is produced on the basis of the TATA 613 chassis by Tata Motors.

The development of route transport was organized by joint efforts with UkrAvtobusProm, and it became practically a twin of the BAZ-A079 bus, which became widespread under the name "Etalon". The main difference is the wide passage in the cabin and the increased length of the bus up to 7 meters. The body of the bus is frame, the skin is galvanized, and the frame is two-axle. The passenger capacity of the car is about 35-40 people, of which 25 seats are assumed, it all depends on the modification of the car. The driver's seat is installed on the TATA chassis, the dashboard is made in a straight shape. The main advantages of the I-VAN A07A model include:

  • low fuel consumption, which is about 15 liters;
  • reliable engine, up to 6 liters, with a maximum power of 130 horsepower;
  • low cost, good design and unpretentiousness of the vehicle.

But with all the quality and reliability of the car, it is not capable of developing good speed and it feels heavy in driving at full load. The dashboard often becomes unusable, the engine is noisy, and all the exhaust gases remain in the car.

I-VAN buses managed to gain attention and compete with compatriots' buses. Today there are three different modifications that are available for sale:

  • А07А "City";
  • А07А1-30 "Suburb";
  • А07А1-60 “Soft. Suburb ".

Modern buses are in demand, and without high-quality performance, passenger transportation will be simply impossible. Technologically, vehicles have a number of their own characteristics, require competent operation, high professionalism of the driver and, of course, timely maintenance and repair. The driver must have minimal knowledge:

  • how to diagnose bus malfunctions;
  • how to repair fuel equipment;
  • how to replace injectors;
  • how to adjust the steering.

Detailed information on the bus can be found in the I-VAN, TATA repair book in a convenient PDF format. You can download the manual to your smartphone or e-book, and always have it at hand to find answers to your questions. The information in the book is presented in the most accessible language, it will be useful not only for professional specialists, but also for drivers. The manual contains illustrations with a detailed description of the structure, diagnostics and repair of elements. After studying the book, you will know your car even better, understand the nuances and use it correctly.