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Repair and service Huachen cars in the eBook

Huachen Automotive Group Holdings is a state-owned company that is part of the Chinese automotive holding Brilliance China Auto. Its creation was initiated by the Chinese government in the early 90s. 40% of the shares of the entire concern are owned by the state-owned company Huachen. It is one of the few Chinese companies whose shares are traded not only on the Hong Kong stock exchange, but also on the New York stock exchange. Manufacturing facilities are located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province.

Huachen is engaged in the production of minibuses JinBei and Granse, which are produced on the basis of Toyota analogs Hiace and Granvia. Brilliance and Toyota have a technology cooperation agreement that permits the use of vehicle technology. Minivans in China are in demand as specialized transport: police, ambulance. & Nbsp;

Since 2002, Huachen has started producing ZhongHua and Zunchi passenger cars. In the following years, the company developed the Brilliance H530 sedan from scratch, which featured its own front-wheel drive platform. On the basis of it, a V5 crossover was later released, which outwardly is very similar to the BMW X1. And this is not surprising, because since 2003, the holding began to work closely with BMW, organizing a joint venture BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd.

The Brilliance M1 and M2 sedans, which were produced with the participation of Porsche, and the design was developed by the Italian company Italdesign, became one of the most popular cars of the company. The cars were equipped with licensed Mitsubishi engines with a volume of 2 or 2.4 liters, with a capacity of more than 150 horsepower. And the main feature was the rear multi-link suspension. Alternative transmission options were mechanics and automatic. Unfortunately, the entry into the European market of cars under the Brilliance BS4 brand was failed due to the test results. The production of vehicles continued until 2015.

The period of uninterrupted operation of cars depends on many factors, the main of which is modern maintenance and repair of malfunctions. Such events can be carried out not only by specialists at the service station, but also by every owner of transport equipment. It is very important that the driver understands the following issues:

  • how to diagnose a car;
  • how to troubleshoot parts, assemblies and systems of a vehicle;
  • how to carry out maintenance;
  • how to replace filters.

The Huachen repair book in PDF format will be useful even to the most experienced car owner. The book presents the entire design of the car, the main characteristics of the parameters, illustrations with detailed descriptions for various repair work. Collected all the experience of professionals and specialists. The manual is written in a simple and accessible language, which does not require additional study of the topic. & Nbsp; You can download it to your device (smartphone or tablet) and always have it at hand. In the book, you can definitely find the answer to any question that interests you.