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Repair and service Howo cars in the eBook

Howo trucks are manufactured by the state-owned automobile manufacturer Sinotruk, which in turn is the parent company of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Company Limited (CNHTC). It is the third largest truck group in the People's Republic of China and is recognized as one of the most successful today. Under the Howo brand, not only heavy trucks are produced, but also low-tonnage vehicles, pickups and a variety of special vehicles that are used in various industries, most often construction, container shipping, and the mining industry.

The first trucks under the Howo brand were released in 2004, and serial production was immediately launched. Today, seven different series of this car are produced. The Howo lineup is:

  • trucks, where the wheel arrangement is 4 * 2 and 6 * 4;
  • dump trucks, where variations of wheel formulas can be 4 * 2, 6 * 4, 8 * 4, 8 * 6, 10 * 6;
  • tractors, 4 * 2 or 6 * 4;
  • concrete mixers, 6 * 4 and 8 * 4.

The Howo cargo class is equipped with engines with a capacity of up to 420 horsepower that meet the requirements of Euro 2,3,4. Trucks are equipped with 6, 8, 9-speed manual transmission, which is produced under license from Fuller and ZF. But the main tractors are equipped with synchronized gearboxes. The most popular trucks are Howo-A7, a new generation of vehicles. It is a reliable and efficient technique that has proven itself in a wide variety of conditions. The design from the last restyling has been significantly updated, which made it possible to bring its parameters as close as possible to the best world analogues.

The strength of Howo technology has contributed to the significant growth of CNHTC. Modern technologies, good competition, cost optimization and the volume of workforce made it possible to build a competent sales strategy. In 2009, the company managed to sell more than 125 thousand vehicles, which is 20% of the truck sales market in all of China. The Howo brand managed to conquer the international market, being the most successful manufacturer, which is confirmed by the opening of six representative offices in the world by 2013. In the same year, Sinotruk was the first Chinese carmaker to export its own Euro 5 trucks to Brazil.

Truck owners try to do the repair and maintenance of their vehicles on time, because the car must be ready for a long journey at any time. Each of them treats their car with care, and therefore should know the basic nuances:

  • how to replace brake pads;
  • electrical equipment and wiring diagrams;
  • how to change oil;
  • how to repair the chassis.

For quality service and to save time, we recommend that you always have a car repair manual at hand. Howo repair book in electronic PDF format will help solve any of your questions. Detailed information about the design of the car, instructions with detailed descriptions and illustrations will become your faithful assistant during your work. The experience and advice of professionals are presented in a simple and accessible language. Download the book to your smartphone and use it whenever you need it.