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Repair and service HANIA cars in the eBook

Hania trucks are manufactured in Jining City at a plant owned by CNHTC Sinotruk. The European styling of the truck cab was taken from the Scania model and the chassis was developed using Steyr technology. The upgraded engines meet all Euro-3 requirements.

The Hania range of trucks allows each owner to choose the right option for their requirements. Among the modifications of various models, you can find dump trucks, tractors, on-board vehicles, machines for watering and removing snow, garbage. Trucks can also be equipped with trailers and semi-trailers. The cars are equipped with a 6-cylinder engine, the power of which can reach 400 horsepower. The gearbox had 9 steps, and in the process of modernization it became possible to install a 12-speed FULLER gearbox. It is manufactured under license from Eaton Fuller USA. The Hania car is equipped with a German proprietary steering mechanism, the springs are reinforced, a HYVA hydraulic cylinder is installed.

Hania trucks claim powerful performance and economical fuel consumption, which were previously only characteristic of European quality vehicles. Among the Chinese commercial vehicle manufacturers, Hania is considered to be the very best. They are reliable, economical and environmentally friendly; they are machines of a new generation and of high quality. The experience in the production of Howo and Sinotruk-MAN has profoundly influenced the quality of the new vehicles. Most of the parts are interchangeable, but the cab has been overhauled. Now it is possible to install an electric tipping drive, there is climate control, the windows have become electric, and the seat is adjustable. The equipment of such a car is many times superior to its predecessors:

  • presence of a fluid coupling;
  • braking system ABS;
  • the accumulator battery is improved and is 180A / h;
  • generator increased in power up to 1.5 kW;
  • fuel tank increased to 350 l;
  • body heating;
  • rubber quality;
  • additionally can be completed with certain options.

Hania trucks are assembled on a separate production line, so the car production process is controlled, which allows the plant to provide a 3-year warranty (60,000 km). Even the highest quality trucks, due to their specificity, require constant modern maintenance, and possibly repair. It is important that the driver of the vehicle understands the main issues that may overtake on the road:

  • how to repair brake pads;
  • how to change the oil yourself;
  • how the electrical equipment works.

Detailed information on trucks can be found in the Hania repair book, in a convenient PDF format. You can download the guide to your gadget (smartphone or e-book) and always have it at hand on the road to find answers to your questions. The information is presented in the simplest possible language, it will be understandable not only for professionals and specialists, but also for novice drivers. The manual is accompanied by illustrations with detailed descriptions. With its help, you can not only save money, but also perform self-service of the car. You will know all the nuances, feel the car on the way and operate it correctly.