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Repair and service Hafei cars in the eBook

Among all Chinese car manufacturers, Hafei Harbin HF Automobile Industry Group Company Ltd.

The history of the brand dates back to 1994. The company was established as a division of the National Aircraft Corporation of China. At the same time, it was not done without foreign investments, which amounted to more than 500 million USD & nbsp;

The first Hafei to see the world was the Daewoo Tico. In total, about 300 thousand of these cars rolled off the assembly line.

In 1996, the manufacturer Hafei entered into a cooperation agreement with the Italian design studio Pininfarina. The result of this collaboration was the Hafei Zhongyi minivan. It was presented at the Beijing Motor Show in 1999. & nbsp;

Within a few years, the company was considered the fastest growing in the Chinese automotive industry.

In 2006, the company was waiting for the transformation. During which the production association Hafei Motor was formed. It includes: HF Automobile Plant (Harbin); Dongan Engine Plant; electromechanical factories and about ten different workshops. After 2 years, the two millionth representative of Hafei rolled off the assembly line.

Today, the production capacity is sufficient to produce up to 420 thousand cars and 500 thousand engines per year. Vehicles of this brand can be found on the roads in 40 countries around the world. Cars are being developed in cooperation with manufacturers from Japan, England, Italy and Austria.

Among the most popular models are the following:

  • Hafei Brio;
  • Hafei Lobo;
  • Hafei Lubao;
  • Hafei Princip;
  • Hafei Saibao;
  • Hafei Saima;
  • Hafei Sigma;
  • Hafei Simbo.

To help all car owners of cars of this brand, special manuals for repair and operation in electronic form have been created. They contain all the detailed information about each of the model, its structure and maintenance. In the books you will find information:

  • how to diagnose and fix the problem yourself;
  • how to replace the filter;
  • how to change brake pads;
  • electrical equipment and wiring diagrams, etc.

The creators of such guides constantly monitor all changes in the market and thus you can be sure of the relevance of the data. Even if it is impossible to carry out repairs on your own, then based on the information provided, you will be able to determine the problem and find out what to do in a given situation. After all, there are such malfunctions after which you can continue driving. At least to the nearest service station. And there are situations when you should stop immediately and you can't move on. & Nbsp;

All information is presented in the most understandable language and accompanied by illustrations. This makes it possible to understand not only for a specialist, but also for an amateur motorist. Hafei car repair and maintenance books in PDF format will help you find a way out in any situation.