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Repair and service FAW cars in the eBook

A huge number of companies produce cars, but not all of them have a world name and recognition. One of these is FAW (First Autumobile Works), a state-owned company in China. This is the oldest representative of its kind, which was created back in 1953. & Nbsp;

The first facilities appeared with the support of the Soviet Union in Changchun. At the same time, the checkpoint of the Chinese plant was an exact copy of the checkpoint of the ZIL plant, and all employees underwent training in the USSR. At that time, the only FAW vehicle was the Jiefang truck. & Nbsp;

In 1958, FAW launched the production of the Jiefang SA-30 truck, which is an analogue of the ZIL-157. A year later, the world saw the Hongqi executive limousine. Its production lasted 30 years and only a limited number of cars were produced.

Since 1989, FAW began producing the Audi-100 sedan, which was originally produced under the Hongqi brand.

During its existence, the company has been actively developing and opening branches around the world. Automotive industry is a leader in the economy of Jilin Province. Representative offices of the company can be found in more than 80 countries. And in 2017, 132 thousand people were considered FAW employees. Not every company can boast of this scale.

FAW currently produces 6 types of vehicles.

Production volumes across China are second only to SAIC. And according to the results of 2017, about 3 million units of products rolled off the FAW conveyors. & Nbsp;

The Chinese manufacturer owns 27 subsidiaries and controlling stakes in 20 other large companies specializing in the automotive industry.

During the existence of the company, joint production facilities were created with such well-known companies as: Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford, Mazda, etc. In 2009, the company was founded together with General Motors.

Today the company produces cars under its own brands. Among the most popular models you can find:

  • FAW 1051;
  • FAW 1083;
  • FAW C1;
  • FAW CA 1041;
  • FAW J6P;
  • FAW V5;
  • FAW Vita.

Every year the number of cars produced by this company all over the world is growing. And more and more often they can be found on our roads. They are reliable, comfortable and affordable brands. But for every car owner, sooner or later, there is a need for maintenance and repair. Everyone periodically faces problems such as:

  • how to replace brake pads;
  • how to find a problem in the engine;
  • how to replace belts;
  • how to carry out maintenance yourself, etc.

At such moments, the FAW car repair and maintenance manuals in electronic form will help to deal with the problem. They provide detailed information about each model and use detailed processes to complete repairs without having to go to a workshop for assistance.