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Electroschemes and electric equipment of cars in electronic form

The electrical equipment of the car (the second name is the electrical system of the car) is intended for the production and transmission of electrical energy to various systems and devices of the car.

This complex complex of systems, devices and devices allows ensuring the functioning of the car, automating some control processes, increasing the level of safety and creating comfortable conditions while driving. Components of the electrical system & nbsp; car:

  • source of electric current (battery or generator);
  • devices and equipment consuming current (headlights, windshield wipers, etc.);
  • electrical controls;
  • electrical wiring.

A single on-board network consists of these elements. All major components and assemblies of electrical equipment are interconnected by wires. In modern cars, the current source is a generator, usually a synchronous, three-phase, with a three-phase diode rectifier, and a car battery.

The main function of the generator is to supply electric current to all electrical devices, including charging the battery while the vehicle is in motion. The battery is required to supply power when the engine is not running, starting the engine and running at low rpm.

Even when the engine is not running, the electrical equipment of the car can work. The car battery powers:

  • outdoor and indoor lighting;
  • anti-theft alarm;
  • brake lights;
  • speaker system;
  • car radio;
  • starter when starting the engine.

Over time, the battery loses its reserve of energy and to replenish it when the engine is running, the battery is recharged from the generator. In addition, if the car's engine is running, the battery helps to smooth out voltage surges, and if the generator's power is not enough at peak load times, the battery helps to stabilize the voltage in the vehicle's on-board network.

Electricity consumers are all devices or appliances that convert electricity into another type of energy. For example, when a car is heated, electric current is converted into heat energy.

Control elements are devices that are designed to open or close an electrical circuit.

Electrical wiring - the wires that carry electricity through the circuit.

The principles of constructing electrical circuits are standardized. The main elements that are found in all cars (generator, battery, etc.) are always labeled the same. Therefore, it is enough to understand once the principles of drawing up and symbols on the electrical circuits of a car, and you can easily understand what is shown on a particular car diagram, regardless of the manufacturer.

From time to time, breakdowns occur in the electrical equipment of the car, and any components in the wiring diagram may fail. Finding them can take a lot of time and money.

To improve and speed up troubleshooting and repair of car electrical systems, you will need a detailed description of electrical equipment with wiring diagrams.

If you are wondering where to find electronic circuits, we will be happy to help you with this. A set of wiring diagrams for your car can be found on our website. On the resource you can buy and download wiring diagrams for more than a hundred models of cars and trucks in PDF format.