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Datsun is the oldest car manufacturer in Japan. The Datsun brand, originally called Datson, was introduced in 1931 by the DAT Motorcar Company for a new car model.

However, just a year later, the last syllable of the name was changed to "Sun" (translated from English means "sun"), as a tribute to the then Japanese Empire, since the sun is also part of the Japanese flag. At the same time, "Son" is consonant with the Japanese word for damage, loss. This is how the name Datsun came into being.

In 1934, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd took control of DAT Motorcar Co. While Nissan cars were initially only presented in the upper class, Datsun cars were intended for the mainstream.

The export of Nissan vehicles outside Asia began in the 1950s. Cars and commercial vehicles marketed as Nissan in the Japanese market were also marketed as Datsuns for export. One of the main reasons, besides lower advertising costs, was that Nissan produced a lot of military products during World War II, and therefore the brand name had a negative connotation, especially in the United States.

In 1974, it was decided to change the strategy and abandon the Datsun brand. The reason was that a name change as part of a future global strategy would add value to the group. Since 1984, the Datsun name has disappeared in Europe and North America, gradually in Asia until March 1986.

The only exception was the Datsun pickup, which continued to be marketed as the Datsun in Asia and Africa. The model, known in Europe as the Datsun D22, was the last model to be offered as the Datsun at the time.

In 2012, it was announced that Nissan wanted to revive the brand for use in emerging markets. The first new Datsun model is the Lada-based five-door Datsun Go sedan, 3.78 meters long and 1.63 meters wide, equipped with a 1.2-liter petrol unit. This model will be sold in India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa from 2013.

Datsun will be Nissan's low-cost brand, like Renault's Dacia. Four brands are part of the Renault-Nissan alliance with Lada. Lada, Dacia and Datsun will have common platforms.

In September 2013, a small seven-seater minivan is added to the range, a derivative of the Datsun GO called the Datsun GO +.

Equipped with the same platform as the Datsun GO (taken from the Nissan Micra), a 1.2-liter engine and a five-speed gearbox, it will be sold in India and then the rest of South Asia.

On our site you can read, buy and download books on repairing Datsun cars of the following models:

  • Datsun On-Do based on Lada Granta;
  • Datsun Mi-Do based on Lada Kalina.

In April 2014, the Datsun On-Do model was introduced - this is a sedan designed mainly for the Russian market. It is produced at the AvtoVAZ plant in Togliatti, Russia, on the same assembly lines as Dacia, which Renault manufactures for the Russian market.

In August 2014, Datsun introduced in Russia a new model Datsun Mi-Do, smaller than the Datsun On-Do, and aimed at a younger population. The Datsun Mi-Do hatchback went on sale in two versions at once: with a manual and an automatic transmission.

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