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DAF is a truck and passenger car manufacturer (currently discontinued) with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, founded in 1928. Among his activities is also the production of military equipment.

On April 1, 1928, Hub Van Dorn founded a small engineering company called Hub van Dorn, Machinefabriek en Reparatie-inrichting. Together with his brother Wim, he founded what would later become a large company, mainly in the production of vehicles. The DAF name has been an acronym for Van Doornes Automobilfabrieken since 1932. In 1990, DAF changed its logo to the one we know today, the current DAF logo has the original symbols.

DAF, well known for its trucks and buses, also produced small cars between 1959 and 1980. In 1976 Volvo bought the DAF passenger car company. Therefore, the company abandoned this division and devoted itself exclusively to the production of trucks. DAF Trucks also sells spare parts for trucks and trailers through its PACCAR Parts division.

In 1994, with the intention of creating something new in terms of comfort and usability, DAF created the SuperSpaceCab on its most successful DAF95 model, which reached the fatal threshold of 500 hp. In 1996, the American company Paccar bought shares in DAF, which was in a severe economic crisis. The new owner is one of the largest truck manufacturers in the world and owns other well-known brands in the sector such as Kenworth and Peterbilt, both from the USA.

On our website you can buy and download repair books, operating instructions, maintenance manuals for individual systems of DAF trucks of the following series:

  • DAF XF (designed for long distance transport, available with 290 to 530 hp engines);
  • DAF CF (medium-duty truck built in 1992, last modernized in 2013);
  • DAF LF (a truck designed primarily for urban or regional transport).

During 2017, the DAF LF, CF and XF vehicles are being developed with a redesigned design and an optimized transmission, which, in particular, further reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles. As a result, the significant reduction in fuel consumption compared to its competitors makes DAF one of the leaders in the field of industrial vehicles with low fuel consumption and one of the least polluting diesel engines.