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Information on repair and maintenance of Daewoo Nexia cars electronically

Daewoo Nexia is a passenger car model of the Korean automobile brand GM Daewoo, which has been produced since 1994. Daewoo Nexia has been produced in Uzbekistan since 2008 in a modified form by the automaker Uz-DaewooAvto.

In 1994, Daewoo introduced a new compact Daewoo Nexia model at the Beijing Auto Show. The model was offered as a three- and five-door hatchback, as well as a four-door sedan. The car was a deeply modernized derivative of the Opel Kadett.

In other countries, the car was sold as Daewoo Cielo, Daewoo Pointer, Daewoo Heaven, Daewoo Super Racer. The body of the Daewoo Nexia is largely identical to the body of the Opel Kadett E. The main difference between the model is the modified rear and front parts, as well as other door handles, other exterior mirrors, a gas tank hatch, as well as a remote unlocking of the gas tank hatch and other small nozzles in the hatchback.

Production began in 1995, and the car received two 1.5-liter gasoline engines with 8 valves (GLi variant) or 16 valves (GLXi variant), as well as two body styles (sedan and hatchback).

The GLi variant develops 75 hp. and can reach speeds of 0-100 km / h in 13.3 seconds. At the same time, the GLXi variant was a development of the GLi variant and developed 90 hp, and acceleration from 0-100 km/h could be achieved in 12.5 seconds.

Depending on the modification, the maximum speed that the car can develop is 156-185 km / h. Under combined conditions, fuel consumption is no more than 7.1-8.9 liters of gasoline for every 100 km of run.

The main disadvantages of the first generation Daewoo Nexia include poor build quality, poor sound insulation, stiff suspension, poor equipment and a low level of prestige.

In 2008, a facelift version of the Daewoo Nexia model was introduced under the name Daewoo Nexia II. The car was designed in the UK in collaboration with UzDaewooAvto, later renamed GM-Uzbekistan, with visible body and interior changes. Unlike the old model, it was produced exclusively in the sedan version.

Production ceased in 2016. Its successor in the Central Asian market is Ravon Nexia 3.

For Daewoo Nexia owners, as well as for other car owners, the issue of timely maintenance and current car repairs is always relevant.

If you want to understand these issues on your own, then in this case you will be helped by special technical literature on car repair, special websites on the Internet, videos on repair topics and, of course, expert advice.

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