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Repair and service Dadi cars in the eBook

Dadi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. is a small car manufacturer in China with a history dating back to 1988. At the initial stage, the company belonged to the military-industrial complex. Then the car production began.

Dadi does not have huge production capacity and does not have large, by Chinese standards, volumes. But this did not prevent the company from becoming one of the leaders in the production of Chinese pickups and SUVs.

The main production of the company is located in Hebei province.

In addition to SUVs and pickups, Dadi manufactures cars, special construction equipment and military products.

In 2005, about 7.5 thousand cars rolled off the assembly line.

Three years later, its own brand, GROZ, was created. Under it were produced such SUVs and pickups as: GROZ Rocky, Shuttle, Targe, etc. Moreover, all vehicles of this brand are Dadi cars, but only with improved configuration. Using more expensive materials helps sell models at higher prices.

One of the models within the framework of civilian vehicles is the Dadi Shuttle mid-size SUV. Its production started in 2005, and outwardly it resembles the world-famous Toyota Land Cruiser Prado model.

Owners of this car will sooner or later face situations in which it will be necessary to carry out repairs. Of course, you can turn to the professionals at the service station for help. However, repairs can be done on your own. This will not only save you time, but also money.

But any manipulation of a vehicle implies the presence of certain knowledge and skills. An excellent assistant in this will be a book on car repair and operation. With its help, you can easily answer the following questions:

  • how to change oil;
  • how to change brake pads;
  • how electrical equipment works, etc.

All information contained in the book is based on many years of professional experience and is accompanied by illustrations with detailed descriptions. At the same time, it is presented in the most accessible language and will be understandable even for those who have no experience in vehicle repair.

You never know where or when a problem will occur. Therefore, it is better to have the manual in electronic format. So you can find answers to your questions anywhere, anytime and even without an Internet connection.

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