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Citroën is a French car manufacturer founded in 1919 by André Citroën, a brilliant entrepreneur with a special interest in invention and innovation. The brand has always been renowned for its innovative technology and has revolutionized the automotive industry on several occasions.

The history of this automobile brand began in the early 1900s, when in 1906 its founder André Citroën was appointed administrator of the endangered car company Mors. His work at this company was enhanced by the introduction of his most famous invention, such as the double helical gears, which improved the driving performance of these vehicles.

At the outbreak of World War I, Citroën began managing a howitzer factory, where he worked until the end of the war. As soon as the conflict ended, Citroen acquired shares in Mors, calling the company its own name and adopting the Double Chevron design as its logo, symbolizing the format of the new gears it invented.

In 1919, he went to the United States and studied production on the Henry Ford assembly line. He copied the system and transformed his workshop in Paris, where he developed his first model, the Citroën Type A. It is the first production car in Europe, revolutionary for its time, as it was the first low-cost car with luxury elements. The main feature on this car was the electric starter and spare wheel, which became a hit at the time.

In 1924, Citroën introduces the first steel car body in Europe. Competitors who use wood to make their bodies are soon copying the idea, as well as introducing more aerodynamic shapes for their vehicles, forcing Citroën to develop its vehicle lineup with a view to modernizing them.

In the early 1930s, André Citroën launched a revolutionary model called the Traction Avant (front-wheel drive). This car has dominated all its competitors for 15 years, but its development is very expensive.

The turn of the new millennium coincided with the introduction of the Citroën C5 sedan, but above all with a golden period for the French brand and, in general, for the entire PSA group. Diesel models are engaging customers like never before by contributing to the success of the diesel engine, ensuring fuel economy and ultimately superior performance.

The model range is undergoing a naming revolution, now they are all represented by a two-letter code starting with the letter C (the initial letter of the “double chevron” brand), followed by a number that determines the position of the car in the model range:

  • Citroën C1 (small car of segment A, produced since 2005);
  • Citroën C2 (three-door, four-seater front-wheel drive, in-line four-cylinder front engine, segment A passenger car);
  • Citroën C3 (FWD 4-cylinder in-line transverse front engine, B-segment vehicle);
  • Citroën C4 (was chosen second car of the year in Europe in 2004, C-segment passenger car);
  • Citroën C5 (5-seater front wheel drive, transverse front engine, D-segment car);
  • Citroën C6 (exquisite full-size E-class car).

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