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Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. is an independent Chinese automobile company founded in 1997 in Wuhu, China. Its first models, mainly Chery Qq3 and Chery Tiggo, will bring worldwide recognition to the brand.

Later, Chery released a wide range of cars with avant-garde design, including: Chery Tiggo and Chery Arrizo of various modifications, Chery Eq, Chery New Qq and a number of electric vehicles.

Chery was founded as a parastatal company in 1997 and became an automobile manufacturer in 1999 using a chassis built under license for Volkswagen SEAT Toledo.

In 2003, Chery established a research and development group and began working with major foreign consultants to improve its technology and quality. The company hired a Japanese engineer from Mitsubishi to manage the Six Sigma production system, which was first used in their cars in 2003.

The Chinese automaker began using the DURR Paint system to paint its vehicles in 2004, becoming one of the 5 leading factories in the world to use this state-of-the-art paint system.

In 2005, Chery's product quality was upgraded to ISO / TS 16949: 2002, the highest and most stringent quality control system in the global automotive industry.

The car line has been enhanced with the help of Italian designers in caliber Bertone and Pininfarina, well known for designing models for brands such as Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Bosch is partnering with Chery to develop new transmissions. Lotus Engineering (renowned for its know-how in racing frames) deals with issues related to design and quality.

Since December 2007, the Chinese company has also been a shareholder and co-founder of the Chinese-Israeli brand QOROS, whose premium products are sold primarily in Europe. This brand, in Chery's plans, will allow to create cars more similar to Western quality standards.

Chery is trying to position itself in the electric vehicle market in 2009 by launching its first hybrid car, Chery A5, and its first electric car, Chery S18, several months apart.

In 2012, a joint venture was formed with the Jaguar Land Rover Group to manufacture British vehicles in China at a new plant in Changshu. Investment totaled $ 3 billion in the first five years. Production of the first Land Rover models began in October 2014, followed by Jaguar branded models in 2015.

Chery is the first Chinese car manufacturer to export its products and is currently the first Chinese company by the number of exported vehicles.

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