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Repair and service BYD cars in the eBook

BYD Auto is an automotive subsidiary of the Chinese multinational BYD Co Ltd. It was founded in January 2003 following the acquisition of Tsinchuan Automobile Company by BYD conglomerate in 2002.

Since then, a strong strategy has been developed to transform BYD Auto into a global brand based on car manufacturing.

BYD stands for “Build Your Dreams” (translated into Russian it means “Build Your Dreams”).

BYD Auto produces:

  • cars;
  • electric cars;
  • buses;
  • trucks;
  • electric bicycles;
  • electric trucks;
  • and batteries.

The most notable aspect of BYD is its focus on research and development of new technologies. This allowed BYD to develop and commercialize several of its own technological advances, thus creating the BYD F3e, the first efficient and real-world electric vehicle to be classified as a zero-emission vehicle.

Among the products sold by BYD Auto stands out the BYD F3, the Chinese brand's vehicle with the highest production volume during 2008. With its sleek design and impeccable technology, it has won 68 awards in its first year of sales, including the Best New Model from the Shanghai International Auto Show and the Best Value for Money from Chinacar Billboard.

The BYD ebus electric bus has been produced since 2010. It is used as a regular bus in China and some European countries. By January 2019, the company had produced 50,000 electric buses.

In 2014, the company expanded its range of electric vehicles to include the BYD T5 and BYD T7 electric trucks, as well as the world's first BYD T9 electric tractor unit.

Despite its late formation, BYD, along with Chery, Geely and Great Wall, is one of the four largest independent car manufacturers in China. The company aims to establish itself with hybrid or all-electric vehicles, and aims to become the world's leading car manufacturer.

On our site you can read manuals for BYD car repairs in electronic form of the following models for free:

  • BYD F3, a compact sedan modeled after the Toyota Corolla, released in 2005, available as a 4-door sedan or with a tailgate, in which case it is renamed BYD F3R;
  • BYD Flyer is a city car, a hatchback with a length of only 3.5 meters with a small engine, specially designed for easy movement in big cities, thanks to a small engine and reduced assembly weight, it achieves an average performance of 23.8 km / l.;
  • The BYD S6 is an SUV that was first introduced at Auto China in April 2010 and its main competitors are Chery Tiggo, Haval H6, Honda CR-V, JAC Refine S5, Toyota Rav4 and Volkswagen Tiguan.

In order to make it easier to maintain and operate BYD cars or, if necessary, repair the car on our own, we recommend buying and downloading repair books in PDF format so that the book is always at hand at any time of the day.