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Buick is an American automobile brand owned by the General Motors group that is sold in the United States, Canada, Mexico and China.

Since their inception, Buick models have been categorized as luxury vehicles when compared to brands like Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile, albeit below Cadillac. Its main competitor was Mercury from rival Ford Motor Company group.

The Buick logo, referred to as the Trishield ("triple shield"), consists of three diagonally aligned shields: left red, middle white, and right gray or blue.

Initially, the various manufacturers that were part of General Motors competed with each other, but Durant, who founded GM, decided to stop it. He wanted each General Motors division to be customer-centric, and in this new scheme Buick was at the top of the lineup, only Cadillac was more prestigious.

Even today, Buick maintains a position focused on high-end customers. Buick's main customers now live comfortably but are still not wealthy enough to afford a Cadillac, or are not aspiring to show off and still want a premium car.

Buick was the first carmaker to begin producing OHV engines around the turn of the century, a design later adopted by other manufacturers and used in the vast majority of vehicles today.

Buick was also the first to use a torque converter (Dynaflow system) in its automatic transmissions in 1948. The company mass-produced the first pillarless 2-door hardtop, the Buick Roadmaster, in 1949.

As part of the restructuring of General Motors after the 2009 crisis, the Buick brand was originally supposed to disappear, but it has survived thanks to excellent sales in China, well ahead of Cadillac and Chevrolet.

The largest sales market is China, where almost 80% of its volumes are sold. Following a restructuring in 2009, GM has increased technology sharing between its brands in the development of its vehicles, in particular bringing the Buick line closer to Opel's European division.

The models sold by Buick at this time are mainly based on platforms and technologies developed by Opel in Germany, while retaining their own characteristics. This collaboration ended after PSA's takeover of Opel in 2017.

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  • Buick Regal since 2008;
  • Buick Excelle XT since 2010

The Buick Regal is a luxury car that has been produced by the company since 1973 for six generations. The fifth generation Buick Regal is based on the Epsilon II platform of the Opel Insignia, Chevrolet Malibu and SAAB 9-5 models.

The fifth generation Buick Regal was first produced in Rüsselsheim, Germany, along with the Opel Insignia between 2008 and 2011, and then the decision was made to build the car in Canada in Ontario at GM's Oshawa plant to reduce import costs.

Since December 2008, the Buick Regal has also been produced in Shanghai for the Chinese market.

The Buick Regal (with the same equipment and power of its Opel Insignia counterpart) weighs approximately 6 kg more due to the reinforced center pillar that meets North American standards.

From the second generation Buick Excelle, a hatchback based on the five-door Opel Astra J first appeared, dubbed the Buick Excelle XT, which has been sold under this brand in China since 2010.

Buicks are not currently marketed in Europe, although factories such as Opel in Germany produce Buick models for imports in the United States.