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Information on repair and maintenance of BMW 7 cars electronically

BMW AG is a manufacturer that everyone has heard of. In 1977, she introduced the world to the BMW 7 car. This executive class car launched a whole series of cars, therefore it is customary to call the “seventh series of BMW”. There are currently six vehicles in this series. The last copy was released in 2015 and presented at the Geneva Motor Show. The main competition for the BMW 7 is S-class cars from Mercedes-Benz or Audi A8.

A special feature of this series is the presence of aluminum parts in the chassis, due to which the steering has become more precise. Bonnet lug and chrome strip at the rear, new headlights - improved design elements.

Also new are two-stage brake lights.

BMW E23 is the first car in the series. It was produced from 1977 to 1986. Each car was equipped with a 6-cylinder engine during production. Also present were service interval indicators, an on-board computer, an anti-lock braking system. The latter began to be included in the basic configuration of the model. The equipment of the BMW E23 was quite varied in several variants.

The BMW E23 was replaced in 1986 by the BMW E32. She was quiet, well-assembled and showed all the achievements of the company during that time. Compared to the previous model, the control panel has been improved, the finish and manufacture of the car itself were different. The number of options is at the customer's choice. Limousines and station wagons were also produced, there were also armored versions.

BMW E38 is the third generation of BMW 7 cars with an updated design. It was produced from 1994 to 2001. This is the first luxury diesel car. A huge number of models were released in various trim levels. The fourth generation of the BMW 7 is the BMW E65 / E66. The car was produced from 2001 to 2008. She was a breakthrough in design, although she was named one of the worst models. In addition, the BMW E65 / E66 is considered the best-selling in the entire series. This car is rear-wheel drive, the basic configuration included a passive suspension and a huge number of different systems: iDrive, Dynamic drive and others.

A huge number of various options made it very popular in the market, but in 2008 a new car came to replace the bestseller - BMW F01 / F02. It represented the fifth generation and was presented in Paris in October 2008. The main differences from the previous copies were: a protrusion on the hood, turn signal windows turned white.

The sixth generation of cars, which replaced the old ones, was headed by the BMW G11 / G12. This model is produced to this day. Increased dimensions, touchscreen display, lighter weight are the features of this car. It also has a unique parking option that allows the car to enter the garage without a driver.

All car owners who are accustomed to independently solving problems related to their vehicle in any case need relevant information. You can find it in the repair and operation manual. It contains answers to such questions:

  • how to change oils;
  • how to replace brake pads;
  • what tools are needed to maintain the car, etc.

Having on your smartphone a book on repair and operation of a BMW 7 series car in PDF format, you can easily solve any problems that may catch you. At the same time, you can use the book anywhere and at any time, and there is no need to have an Internet connection.