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Repair and service Beifan Benchi cars in the eBook

Beifang Benchi are Chinese trucks manufactured by Norinco. The company entered into an agreement in 1988 with the German company Daimler-Benz on the production of trucks based on Mercedes-Benz SK cars of the first series, where all components will be manufactured in China, so the car will have a specific Chinese feature.

Beifang Benchi are flatbed trucks designed for various types of cargo transportation. The range includes various types of vehicles: tractors, long-haul vehicles and even SUVs. The wheel configuration of trucks is presented in different formulas: 4x2, 4x4, 6x2, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4, 8x8 and 10x4. Inside, the unit is equipped with a six-cylinder turbodiesel engine with a capacity of 240 to 480 horsepower. It complies with a number of European requirements and EURO-2 standards. The engine comes with a nine-speed manual transmission.

The cab of the Chinese truck is made of all-metal, which provides good access to any components and the entire mechanism under it. The driver or foreman can tilt the cab at any time and start repair work. Beifang Benchi trucks are high-quality vehicles that are good not only in terms of technical parameters, but also in terms of price-quality ratio.

The company also develops trucks and tank truck tractors for the army of the People's Republic of China. In the set, they are equipped with a Chinese diesel engine with a capacity of 270 to 326 horsepower, which are manufactured under license from Daimler-Benz (Germany) or Steyr (Austria).

No matter how high-quality and reliable Chinese production is, trucks and tractors, due to the specifics of their application, require regular modern maintenance, and perhaps from time to time, repairs. It is important that the truck driver himself understands the main issues that may overtake him on the road :;

  • how to change the oil yourself;
  • how electrical equipment works;
  • how to repair brake pads.

Detailed information regarding trucks can be found in the Beifang Benchi repair book, in a convenient electronic PDF format. You can download the book to your smartphone or tablet, and always have it at hand on the road to get answers to any question that may arise. The information is presented in the simplest language, and will be understandable not only for professionals and specialists in their field, but also for novice truck drivers. The manual is accompanied by illustrations with detailed descriptions of the repair work for each part. With its help, you can not only save money, but also perform self-service of the car. You will know all the nuances, feel the car on the way and operate it correctly.