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Repair and service Alfa Romeo cars in the eBook

ALFA ROMEO is a world-famous Italian company that produces premium cars. It was created back in 1906 in Milan and was called Società Anonima Italiana Darracq. The founder was a French engineer Alexander Darrac.

At first, Darracq models were not in great demand. The result was the decision to create a new company. This is how A.L.F.A. was born. And her first car was the 24 HP, which the world saw in 1910 and was created by engineer Merosi.

In 1915 A.L.F.A. headed by the Neapolitan businessman Nicola Romeo. Under his leadership, the plant switched to the production of equipment for the army. Within the framework of this production were produced: engines for aircraft; military equipment; generators, etc.

After 5 years, the company changed its name and became known as Alfa Romeo. And the first model was the Torpedo 20/30 HP.

In 1923, Vittorio Jano took over as chief engineer. And his first car was the P2 Grand Prix. It was this model that became the winner in the world championship.

It was the engineer Jano who developed the four, six and eight cylinder engines. They were created from light-alloy material, had hemispherical heads for fuel combustion.

For a long time, the company was owned by a state holding. Then the company was part of the Fiat corporation. Today the owner of Alfa Romeo is FCA Italy.

Mass production of medium-sized cars began in 1954 with the Giulietta series, which was presented in three bodies: sedan, convertible, coupe. These models had under the hood a four-cylinder engine, first 1.3 liters, then 2.0 liters.

In 2016, the world saw two new models. These are the Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan and the Alfa Romeo Stelvio crossover.

One of the mass models was the Alfa Romeo 159. The car was produced from 2005 to 2011. For all the time 240 thousand units rolled off the assembly line.

Owners of any vehicle, including the Alfa Romeo 159, are aware of the need for regular technical inspection. Thanks to this, your car will serve you much longer. But you still can't do without breakdowns. But in order to perform any manipulations, you must have at least basic knowledge of the structure of the car.

The main questions that the car owner faces:

  • how to replace the oil filter;
  • what tools and measuring devices are needed to service the car;
  • how to fix a problem in the engine management system;
  • how to repair the brake system, suspension, etc .;
  • wiring diagrams and electrical equipment.

Answers to these and other questions regarding your car can be found in the book on car repair and operation in PDF format. The electronic format allows the manual to be stored on a smartphone or tablet.

All information is presented in the most understandable language and accompanied by illustrations. With its help, you can easily carry out repairs of your car without having to ask for help at a service station.