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Repair and service Abarth cars in the eBook

Abarth S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer of sports cars that have long been based on Fiat cars. The founder of the brand is the well-known racer Carlo Alberto Abarth. After several setbacks in his career, for health reasons, he leaves the sport and opens his own factory for the production of auto parts. She received the name corresponding to "Abarth & amp; C ".

Since the middle of the 20th century, Abarth was engaged in the production of sports cars, which were produced in small quantities. To create sports cars, Carlo began to cooperate with the famous Fiat brand, which supplied him with chassis, while ordering the body from the Bertone or Zagato ateliers.

With Fiat 600 sales exceeding expected demand, Abarth decides to produce custom kits that customers can install themselves.

Through the joint efforts of cooperation between the two brands, in 1961 the Fiat 600 Abarth 850TC was produced, with a capacity of 57 horsepower, and its maximum speed was up to 135 km / h. Over time, they released a racing version of this car, which exceeded the characteristics of its predecessor at times. This gave rise to the development of the so-called “golden year of the scorpion” (the scorpion is the symbol of the Abarth logo). This car entered the "Touring Competition" class, and by the end of the year the production and sales plan reached up to 1000 units.

The last car to be created under the supervision of Carlo Abarth was the rally modification, the A112 Abarth. In 1971, Fiat buys the Abarth factory, and over time, Abarth leaves his post. In the structure of the company, a whole Abarth division is created, which is responsible for preparing cars for the rally. For many years in a row, the cars of this company took all the prizes.

For a long time, the company did not produce cars, and only in 2007, decades later, Fiat decided to revive the Abarth brand. Grande Punto cars appeared on sale, and eventually the new Abarth 500, which can be purchased to this day.

Even the highest quality car requires constant maintenance, and possibly repairs. Therefore, it is advisable that the vehicle driver understands at least a little basic issues:

  • how the car structure works;
  • how to change the oil yourself;
  • how to troubleshoot.

Detailed information regarding your vehicle can be found in the Abarth repair book, in a convenient PDF format. You can download the guide to your gadget and always have it at hand to find answers to your questions. The information is presented in the simplest possible language, and will be understandable not only for professional craftsmen, but also for simply driving lovers. The manual is accompanied by illustrations that indicate what, where, and next to it, a detailed description. With its help, you can not only save money, but also perform self-service of the car. Thus, you will feel your car even better, know all the nuances and operate it correctly.