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Publishing house for the repair of agricultural and special equipment Tekhprosvet

Publishing house for the repair of agricultural and special equipment Tekhprosvet

Any special equipment and agricultural machinery requires special attention and there is not enough knowledge in the structure of a familiar car. And when the need arises for repairs, not everyone can cope with such a task.

It is for such cases, as well as in order to facilitate the work of mechanics, the automotive publishing house TEHPROSVET issues special manuals for the repair of agricultural and special equipment. Such professional books are simply necessary when working with such vehicles.

All the material that you will find in the manuals is presented as accessible as possible and accompanied by illustrations with a detailed description.

Among the manuals of the TEHPROSVET publishing house you will find:

  • repair books;
  • operation books;
  • catalogs of parts and assembly units;
  • technical descriptions and instructions.

All the information provided is based solely on many years of experience of professionals in the field of repair of such equipment. We understand that all your manipulations depend on how clearly the processes are described. And in case of a misperception, you will not only not be able to make repairs, but you can cause even more damage and disable one or another part.

The guides will answer questions like:

  • how the engine works;
  • how to identify the problem;
  • what parts fit;
  • how to repair yourself;
  • how to properly operate this or that part, etc.

The creators carefully monitor the relevance of information. We monitor all changes in the market of special equipment and promptly make changes to our publications. Therefore, you can always find the answer to any of your questions regarding such vehicles, even the latest models, in repair manuals in electronic format. It is this format that allows you to keep all the information at hand. To do this, download the book to your smartphone or tablet.

TEHPROSVET is a publishing house that publishes books on the repair of agricultural and special equipment in PDF format in order to make the repair process as easy as possible and minimize the need to seek outside help. Guides can save you time and money. Special technique implies the use of special literature. And our publishing house specializes in such manuals.